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We provide Complete Regulatory Compliance Solutions for Cosmetic Products in:
- Canada
- European Union
- United King
- United States.

US Cosmetics Compliance

Our US cosmetic regulations compliance services include:
•   Product Label Review for US FDA Regulatory Compliance. This include:
 -  Ingredients Review against US restricted and prohibited ingredients and color additives;
 -  Ingredients Review for correctness of INCI names;
  Label Review for compliance with US FDA Cosmetics Regulations regarding claims, mandatory information, etc.;
  Label Review for accuracy and completeness
  Labelling claims review for compliance with US FDA Cosmetic Regulations.
•  Compliance with Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act (MoCRA) requirements; product listing, facility registration, adverse event reviews etc.
New Product development support/assessment (label and formulation) for US regulatory compliance
•  Review of product formulation/ingredients for compliance with California Prop 65 Regulations
•  Review of product formulation/ingredients for Compliance with California Safe Cosmetic Program reporting requirements.

OTC Cosmetic Products
Some cosmetic products with therapeutic claims (e.g. treat or prevent acne or sunburn) are classified as OTC drugs in United States. These categories must be electronically registered with US FDA.
We provide the following services for the OTC Cosmetic Products in the US:
•  New Product development support/assessment (label and formulation) for US regulatory compliance
•  Product Label and formula review for US compliance
•  Electronic registration of OTC drugs with US FDA and Labeler Code/NDC numbering 

For review of currently distributed, labelling or formulation improvement or new innovative development, we are your 'Gateway' to global market!

New Product Development

From your conceptual stage to product launch, let's provide high quality single or multiple targeted market regulatory compliance guidance for your new cosmetic products. This will save time and resources.

Revision of Existing Product Label

Are you considering revision of your product label for a new market or enhanced presentation? Our team will be glad to provide professional guidance that will ensure compliance of your labels with regulations in your targeted market(s).

Revision of Existing Product Formula

Change of supplier, sales expansion to new markets and/or improved product quality may require formula revision. Let's help to check your revised formula against prohibited or restricted ingredients in your targeted market(s).

Checking Current Product for Compliance

Cosmetics companies often check product's labels and formula against current regulations in existing and targeted new markets. Our team will review and ensure your product is compliant.

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